Friday, 7 September 2012

Life Before Kids

There are things I miss about my life before kids.

1. Grocery Shopping

Remember when you could visit the grocery store, take your time, cruise the aisles, contemplate choices...
It is such a distant memory for me that I can only imagine what that would be like. Shopping with 3 kids is shopping with a mission, and a list - don't forget the damn list! 
I can usually have it done in under 45 minutes, but it requires avoiding whole sections of the store (i.e. the candy, cookie or ice creams aisles) so my kids don't get side-tracked and whiny.
It is quite sad really, that now I consider it a luxury if I can shop with 2 out of 3 of the kids, and it's like Christmas if I only have to take 1!

2. Wing Night

I love chicken wings! I love wing nights! I miss the spontaneous "Hey, it's Wednesday night! Let's go for wings". Although wings are still delicious, the planning that is required takes all the fun out of it, and frankly, it's just not worth the hassle. The best wings are always in the pub (it's absolutely not the same in the restaurant), and getting a babysitter for an hour or so is just silly.

3. Sleeping In

In this world, there are 2 types of people - morning people and NOT morning people. I fall into the latter category, with underlining and exclamation points. It does not matter how early or late I went to bed, how much sleep I got or a myriad of other factors, I am not pleasant in the morning. Give me an hour and I am much better.
So my lucky self was given a daughter that is a morning person. This little ball of joy that is wide awake and raring to go once her eyes open. And she know where to find me (in my bed). And the demands start immediately:

  • Mom, I want toast (not going to happen)
  • Ok, Mom, I want cereal (here it is, dry, deal with it)
  • Mom, I want cartoons (ok, sit and watch and be quiet for another hour or so)
  • Mom, Why is Blade sleeping? ('cause he is my favorite child)

I can usually get another 30-45 minutes of solid dozing in before I absolutely have to get up (Read: 1 more child is awake and someone is crying).
I miss the days of waking up slowly, no where to be, no one to look after. Laying in bed until my eyes open all on their own, maybe having a little cuddle, or better yet, the whole bed to myself so I can stretch and move however I want.

4. Shopping Days

I am not a shopper (you can ask my sister), but occasionally I get the urge and I want to go just have a look. Cruise the mall. Check out the latest fashions. Watch the people. My kids make this impossible! Unless we are in a store that has something for them (toys!) or stopping at the play place, they are in a hurry to get out of there.They don't want to sit in the stroller, they don't want to walk, and really, I can't blame them - it's boring! So anytime we need clothes or a gift, it becomes a shopping mission similar to grocery shopping.

5. Driving without Stopping

I don't mind driving - short distances, long distances- doesn't matter. But I like to drive without stopping. I load my truck up with drinks, snacks, anything I could possibly need so I won't have to stop. Unless it is a planned (by me) stop for gas or some other such necessity
It make me cringe (every time) and  sigh (every time) when I hear that little voice from the back seat with those dreaded words "Mom, I have to pee". I try to ignore (did I really hear that?) and stall (just wait sweetie and I will pull over - in an hour or so) but really he's only 3 and I can't be so cruel (although I really, really, really want to). I lose my patience with the unbuckling of the seatbelt, climbing out of the truck, undoing the pants, doing the deed, looking around, scratching his butt, checking out the scenery, waving at the passing cars, pulling up his pants, doing them up, climbing back into his seat, closing the door, and getting buckled up. I'm at the point I don't even bother to get out of the vehicle with him anymore. Just pull over and unbuckle his seat. It frustrates me to no end when we stop to pee, get on the road and not even 20 minutes later I am being asked to stop again. The worst part is that I know this is only going to get worse once I get #2 potty trained (and then #3).

6. Showering by Myself

I never get to shower by myself, unless it is very early in the morning (and I'm talking really early due to child #2) or really late at night (due to child #1). Neither time is optimal for me, so I usually have company. I'm not sure what it is about the sound of the shower that brings all the kids running (or crawling) but they all show up wanting to jump in.

7. Going to the Bathroom

You think you can sneak in and out without being seen, but they seem to have a radar system that activates as soon as you close the door. You think locking the door will get you some privacy, what it really gets you is someone banging on the door screaming "Mom! What are you doing? I want to come in!"

Yes, there are a lot of things I miss about my life before I had kids, but then there is the smiles, the laughs, the giggles, the first words, the "I love you", the "Goodnight Mommy", and I don't think I would go back to my old life for anything (or maybe just for a day or two).

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