Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pictures of the Kids

I have a great camera and I can take some pretty great pictures, but I never seem to have my camera out at the right time, or when I do have it out, my kids never want to cooperate. Do you know the kind of noncooperation I am talking about? Hiding their face, frowning, walking straight at the came for an extreme close-up. They are always more interested in being behind the camera instead of in front of it.

When Blade was born, there was a promotion with the Welcome Wagon & a photography studio in our town to have pictures taken at 4 months (lying down, pushing up), 8 months (sitting up) & 1 year (standing up). I loved this concept and had the photos done. I have to say, although the pictures were great, I was very disappointed with the photographer for a few reasons. 1) They assured me that they would give me a call at the appropriate times to remind me to come back in for the next photo. They didn't. So Blades photos are more in the age range of 4 months, 10 months & 18 months. 2) They were not very timely with giving me a link & password to the photos for me to have a look, and possible purchase others. 3) Once all 3 stages were taken, I was to choose what pose of each I wanted and they would print them & frame them. I was told this would take about a week to 10 days. After constant harassment from me, I finally got the finished product after 2 months.

When Gemma was born, I decided that I was still going to get these stages photos taken, but I would do them "myself" (i.e. I would write on my calendar when the photos needed to be taken, book them in somewhere myself, and have it all framed afterwards). My best friend, Shantal, had been to the Superstore Photo Studio in Airdrie for numerous pictures of her boys with great results and for a reasonable price. Although I still don't have the pictures framed, I am still super happy with the end results.

Now we are working on Anwyn's stages photos. This time around, I decided I would try to kill 2 (or 4) birds with 1 stone. While booking Anwyn's 8 months photos, I also booked Gemma's 2 year old & Blade's 4 year old photos. Here are the results:

Anwyn - 9 months
Gemma - 2 years

Blade - 4 years
The Bell Clan

 I don't have a lot of expectations when taking pictures. I want the kids to look at the camera and not cry. If we can get all 3 of them in 1 photo - bonus!
Although it wasn't easy, Mission accomplished.

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