Friday, 29 June 2012

Blade's Quilt

This has been a journey of epic purportions!

In 2009, I had the great thought that Blade needed his own quilt to transition from the crib into his "big boy bed". Being a quilter (once upon a time), I thought that this would be a great project to get me back into quilting - something I haven't done a lot of since high school and my Grandma passing away.

My first step was to get on the internet and look for some inspiration. I knew that I wanted something fairly simple (to save time) and something with a western theme. I found this bedding set at the Children's Bedding Boutique, which was my inspiration.

I raided my Mom's fabric stash so I could save a few dollars (mostly) and help her to use up some of her fabrics. I amazed myself with how quickly I was able to get all the blocks cut and sewn together. I ordered my iron-on stars off ebay and attached them to my quilt.

This is where it got interesting.

Originally, I thought a really nice hand appliqued blanket stitch around each of the stars would looks really good and keep with the western theme. So I began blanket stitching...and hated the way it looked. I asked for opinions, and everyone else liked it so I continued. But my enthusiasm for the project waned as I continued to look at those stars and hate them.

So I set the quilt aside to think about it. For awhile. A long while.

Note: This was supposed to be a birthday gift for Blade's 1st Birthday - September 23, 2009.

Fast Forward 2 years (yes, years!). I was due to have my 3rd baby November 13, 2011. By the time the 18th of November rolled around and still no baby, I was getting bored. Really bored. I had finished work on November 10th, my other 2 kids were at Grandma & Grandpas and I had nothing to do. So I started looking around the house for a project that I could work on that would not require a lot of clean up when I went into labour (as I was planning on having a home birth). Once again, I was thinking about Blade's quilt. I had never really forgot about it. So I dug it out and once again started on the blanket stitches around the stars...and still hated it. I was getting close though, there was only another 12 or so stars to go.

Since I still hated how those damn stars looked, I ripped out all the hand work I had already done (aka. the majority of the quilt) and started over with the sewing machine. It looked much better!

I finished in an afternoon. So much for a project to work on. (FYI - Anwyn was not born until November 23rd)

Here is the finished quilt top.

So I had a baby, got back into a routine, and was finally able to get up to my parents place to get the quilt put together in February. I had to go to my parents because I needed the help of my Mom and she has the stretcher bars.

Then I had another change of plans. Originally, my plan was to tie the quilt in each one of the block corners and be done with it. However, the more I looked at it once we got it tied, the more I thought it needed a little more. So I decided I would also hand quilt around each of the small stars and quilt a larger star into the blank blocks. And so, I began quilting...

Now, being at home with 3 kids and nothing to do (as my husband likes to keep reminding me) I actually finished quilting it in record time. It was finished and ready to start binding by mid-March.

We went on a trip to Australia in April and my Mom suggested that she would have the binding sewn together and on the quilt by the time I got home so the only thing left to do would be hand sew the binding edge. That did not happen.
Once home, there was a million things to do and the binding took a little while to get done. I finished it today.

Finally! Finally! Finally! Blade's quilt is finished!!!

I think Blade is excited to have it.

Now onto Gemma & Anwyn's quilts (and we'll see if I can get them finished before they are 4).

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  1. Awesome job Kelly!!! Hope to run into you during the Stampede ;)