Friday, 29 June 2012

Blade's Quilt

This has been a journey of epic purportions!

In 2009, I had the great thought that Blade needed his own quilt to transition from the crib into his "big boy bed". Being a quilter (once upon a time), I thought that this would be a great project to get me back into quilting - something I haven't done a lot of since high school and my Grandma passing away.

My first step was to get on the internet and look for some inspiration. I knew that I wanted something fairly simple (to save time) and something with a western theme. I found this bedding set at the Children's Bedding Boutique, which was my inspiration.

I raided my Mom's fabric stash so I could save a few dollars (mostly) and help her to use up some of her fabrics. I amazed myself with how quickly I was able to get all the blocks cut and sewn together. I ordered my iron-on stars off ebay and attached them to my quilt.

This is where it got interesting.

Originally, I thought a really nice hand appliqued blanket stitch around each of the stars would looks really good and keep with the western theme. So I began blanket stitching...and hated the way it looked. I asked for opinions, and everyone else liked it so I continued. But my enthusiasm for the project waned as I continued to look at those stars and hate them.

So I set the quilt aside to think about it. For awhile. A long while.

Note: This was supposed to be a birthday gift for Blade's 1st Birthday - September 23, 2009.

Fast Forward 2 years (yes, years!). I was due to have my 3rd baby November 13, 2011. By the time the 18th of November rolled around and still no baby, I was getting bored. Really bored. I had finished work on November 10th, my other 2 kids were at Grandma & Grandpas and I had nothing to do. So I started looking around the house for a project that I could work on that would not require a lot of clean up when I went into labour (as I was planning on having a home birth). Once again, I was thinking about Blade's quilt. I had never really forgot about it. So I dug it out and once again started on the blanket stitches around the stars...and still hated it. I was getting close though, there was only another 12 or so stars to go.

Since I still hated how those damn stars looked, I ripped out all the hand work I had already done (aka. the majority of the quilt) and started over with the sewing machine. It looked much better!

I finished in an afternoon. So much for a project to work on. (FYI - Anwyn was not born until November 23rd)

Here is the finished quilt top.

So I had a baby, got back into a routine, and was finally able to get up to my parents place to get the quilt put together in February. I had to go to my parents because I needed the help of my Mom and she has the stretcher bars.

Then I had another change of plans. Originally, my plan was to tie the quilt in each one of the block corners and be done with it. However, the more I looked at it once we got it tied, the more I thought it needed a little more. So I decided I would also hand quilt around each of the small stars and quilt a larger star into the blank blocks. And so, I began quilting...

Now, being at home with 3 kids and nothing to do (as my husband likes to keep reminding me) I actually finished quilting it in record time. It was finished and ready to start binding by mid-March.

We went on a trip to Australia in April and my Mom suggested that she would have the binding sewn together and on the quilt by the time I got home so the only thing left to do would be hand sew the binding edge. That did not happen.
Once home, there was a million things to do and the binding took a little while to get done. I finished it today.

Finally! Finally! Finally! Blade's quilt is finished!!!

I think Blade is excited to have it.

Now onto Gemma & Anwyn's quilts (and we'll see if I can get them finished before they are 4).

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My Baby Girl

My baby girl has been holding out on me - or just waiting for me to notice. 

She is changing daily and progressing at an alarming rate (yes, it is true what "they" say - life gets faster with each child). However, being the 3rd child I find Anwyn kinda gets toted along and (gasp!) set aside more often then not as I am dealing with the other 2, since she doesn't demand as much of my attention.

I just realized a few days ago that she had another tooth - and not just the bumps in the gum that it was coming in...actually had already cut through (*sigh* Mom of the Year, right here). 

So imagine my surprise today when my baby did this:

She is sitting up all on her own.

I must start paying more attention.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Welcome to the Big 3-0!

So I'm a little behind, but that seems to be pretty normal for me in the last little while.

My good friend Krista celebrated her 30th Birthday a few weeks ago. I travelled down to Cochrane to celebrate this momentous occasion with her. Our friend, Shantal, and I were originally trying to plan a surprise party, but it ended up being a busy weekend for Krista and we wanted to make sure we got to celebrate with her too.

We started out by us girls having a group reading with a psychic, then went for supper and joined up with the boys (i.e. Krista & Shantal's other halves) before heading out to the Cochrane Hotel for a few beverages and a surprise.

Now Krista hates surprises. And although this was not anything extreme, she almost refused to go out with us in anticipation of what we were going to do to her. Shantal & I had a lot of fun teasing Krista with the absolute worst things we could think up to embarrass her.

And here was her surprise

Just a cake.

A little edible something to remember her 30th birthday, made by yours truely.

Happy 30th Birthday Krista - welcome to the Wild Side!!!

Monday, 11 June 2012