Sunday, 27 May 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know it has been quite awhile, but we have had a lot going on!!!

Let's start back at the end of February. Lachlan was very unhappy at his job and decided that he was going to find something else. He was working on a cattle ranch but had decided that he wanted to go back to training horses full time. I full supported him in this decision (hey, life is way to short and you have to work too long to hate your job), although it did happen a little faster then I anticipated. Lachlan gave his notice and we proceded to start packing. The house we lived in was part of the job, and since we had no where to go at that point, we phoned my parents and asked if we could move in with them for a few months until we figured out what our next plan was.

We had been talking about going back to Australia to go visit family and friends for quite awhile. We were supposed to go in October for my brothers wedding, but I was too pregnant to fly and we had to postpone the trip. With the change in our financial situation, we decided that only Lachlan would go back for a few weeks in the Spring. This decision changed suddenly when my Dad pointed out that:

1. We had not been back to Australia in 4 years (I was pregnant with Blade last time we were there).
2. Lachlan's parents had only met Blade (in 2009) and not the girls.
3. Lachlan's grandparents, Nan & Pop, had never met any of our kids.

With help from both sets of parents, we booked flights for the whole family to travel to Australia leaving April 2. This gave me exactly 2 1/2 weeks to get passports for the girls.
Simple, right? Wrong!
I had forgot to apply for both Gemma & Anwyn's birth certificates and needed these to apply for passports. So into the Stettler registry I go. I knew that I was going to have to get them rushed which ment a trip to Calgary to the Call Box to pick them up, but I had to go to apply for passports anyways so it was no big deal. There was an error on both Gemma & Anwyns birth certificates, which ment that I had to sign a declaration (and pay more money to get them ammended) and wait while they went in the mail to Alberta Vital Statistics. To make a long story short ... after 2 trips to the Stettler Registry, a trip to Calgary to go to Alberta Vital Statistics and the passport office, 4 sets of passports photos (yes, the original photos I had taken we both rejected), another trip to Calgary to pick up the passports, and $205 to have everything rushed ... we were finally ready to get on our flight.

We spent the month of April in Australia visiting friends and family and had a great time. The kids were really great on the flights and exceeded my expectations on such a long flight. A special added bonus was that my brother (who lives in Russia) was in Australia visiting his wife so we got to spend a little time with them as well. Nan & Pop were so please to meet our kids, as was Lachlan's parents, who our kids call Ma & Pa.

Blade & Gemma petting the Kangaroos at Australia Zoo

Yup - we still wear a Cowboy Hat at the Beach!

Building Sandcastles

Feeding the Parrots at the Bunya Mountains

Gemma riding horses with Auntie Lea

We arrived home the evening of April 30th and Lachlan had a quick sleep before getting up early May 1 to drive to Irricana to start his new job. He is working for Doug Reinhardt training cutting horses. He is happy to be back training horses full time, although it is tough on everyone since I am still living with my parents and Lachlan is bunking in the arena apartment at the ranch. We decided that we would keep Blade in preschool here until the end of the year since he is a bit delayed in his speech and interacting with the other kids seems to be helping him. At this point, we are looking to move to Irricana area and all be back together in either July or August.

So to bring us up to date, the kids and I have been puttering around Mom & Dads farm, helping out when we can. I am working on a few projects for my parents, it's going to be a Project Summer! Everytime I look around, I see another project that should get done.

Here is a quick list of what I have in store:

1. Plant the Garden
2. Build a Composter
3. Build a Herb Planter
4. Build a Strawberry Planter
5. Build a flower bed around the Flag Pole
6. Clear out the dead branches from the Juniper Bushes
7. Clear out the dead trees from the North of the house

I'm sure there will be more added, so stay tuned!

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