Thursday, 19 January 2012

Gemma's Pony

I am celebrating (for now anyways). Gemma's hair is finally getting long enough that you can do something with it. She has nice hair, but it's super fine and although it is curly, very rarely does it curl - usually only after a bath or with a little styling product help.

Occasionally it looks like this:

Sometimes like this:

Rarely like this:

Mostly like this:

I'd cry too...

So we've started a routine so her hair doesn't look quite so mop-ish. We've started putting in a 'pony' everyday. It rarely lasts all day as Gemma has a habit of pulling at her hair when she's sleeping, but it helps to pull her bangs out of her eyes as we grow out her hair.

 Although it's a little Pebbles-esq, it works well and it is getting easier by the day - for both her and me. At first, Gemma didn't want me to put anything in her hair and I tried to reason with her (at 18 months that is a huge challenge). Finally I just asked her if she wanted to have a pony like Mommy, and got a yes! So in it went and when I was finished I let her look in the mirror, making a big deal out of it and telling her how beautiful she looks. So now every morning, after doing her hair she stands on the vanity and we admire her pony.

Maybe one of these days we'll make it into pigtails and braids....but we're just taking baby steps.

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