Wednesday, 11 January 2012

2011 in Pictures

Another year has come and gone. Despite an effort to blog on a regular basis, my life got away from me and I didn't. I will attempt to do better.
In a quick recap of 2011, here is my favorite photos from each month and a quick description:


Blade decided that he would like to be just like Daddy. From this point on he is a Cowboy - jeans, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, belt & buckle included (and non-negotiable!) He can ride a horse and crack a whip with the best of them.

Blade & Gemma. It hurts my heart to look at this photo, they grow up so fast *sniff*. And to try to get them to sit together and smile is next to impossible, they just fight now.

Gemma was learning to crawl. Look out! Baby #2 is on the move!
We also got a happy surprise in March, we were expecting Baby #3 to arrive in November! Check out Is 5 the New 4?


April is my favorite month because it has my 2 favorite holidays in birthday (this year I was 30) and Easter (most years). Blade and Auntie Echo decorated Easter eggs, which was exciting for me because Blade is finally getting old enough that he is starting to "get it" and it is fun preparing for holidays with him.

Easter morning. Gemma checking out what the Easter Bunny brought her.

Blade and his underwear on an Easter Egg Hunt.




Gemma turned 1!


Calaway Park is always a favorite and with our season passes it definately makes it worth while to go again and again. I am looking forward to the kids being a little taller so we can go on all the rides together. This was Blade's first time on one of the "big kid" rides, with Auntie Echo and cousin Colton.


Blade turned 3 and started preschool in September. My little man is growing up!


Gemma was a flower for Halloween this year.

And Blade was a dragon.


We awaited the arrival of Baby #3.
Anwyn Daisy Bell finally made her appearance Noember 22, 2011 at 6:50pm weighing 7lbs 4oz.
and Blade & Gemma were excited to meet her.

Someone is always crying - lol! Maybe next year when Anwyn is too young to realize what is going on and the other 2 are excited about Santa we will get some smiles.

Anwyn's first Santa photo. This one almost didn't happen, I found I was so disorganized this Christmas with Anwyn being born so close to Christmas and didn't want to fight the crowds to get Santa photos. However, I figured that I would never forgive myself if I missed this photo, and I had help from my good friend to wrangle children.

So cheers to 2011 and we are now looking forward to new adventures in 2012. Hopefully I can keep up!

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