Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Happy Birthday Gemma!

How fast does a year fly by? Way too fast! My baby turned 1 on July 17th and we celebrated with a little party for her the following weekend. Since Gemma is a "Stampede Baby" I'm sure this is going to happen to her a lot, or at least until she is old enough to celebrate her birthday down on the Stampede grounds.

The most memorable point of any of my birthday parties was always the birthday cake that my Grandma Gwen (Dad's Mom) would create for us. I can remember thumbing through all of her cake decorating books to get a jump on what kind of cake I would request for my upcoming birthday. Even if Grandma was unable to make it to our birthday party she always made sure that our cake arrived for the big day. When Blade turned 1 in 2009 I decided that since this tradition was always so special to me, I wanted to continue it with my children. I had to get all my best creative juices flowing to get into cake decorating mode. My first creation for Blade's 1st Birthday was fairly simple, but I have been chanelling my inner Grandma Gwen and have been venturing further into the cake decorating world since then.

This is the cake I created for Gemma:

Bear cake for Gemma's 1st Birthday

(see how I did it here)

A few of my other creations include:

Truck cake for Blade's 1st Birthday

Train cake for Blade's 2nd Birthday

Lightning McQueen cake for my Nephew's 4th Birthday

Barbie cake for my friends (unspecified) Birthday

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  1. Barbie cake for my friends (unspecified) Birthday....love it thanks kel!